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Tommy McKnight and the Great Election.


Tommy McKnight is a 10-year-old boy  stricken with polio.  As much as he'd like to be playing stickball with the other kids in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, he's stuck watching them from his bedroom window.  Tommy's gotta wear braces on his legs and walk with crutches. And on top of that, bullies now pick on him. But Tommy is about to learn that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the presidential candidate Americans hope will lead the country out of the Great Depression, also has polio and walks with braces on HIS legs. Soon Tommy will be a presidential candidate too. And with a little help from some amazing friends, he may just pull off the most important and surprising victory of them all.


Five stars! A million stars! It wasn't one of those boring books that you spend

five weeks reading!

Audrey, 10


This was just adorable. I love how it ties history into Thomas' story.

Tony Lee  - Goodreads Librarian

"Danny Kravitz is bringing history to life for today's generation of children!  My 4th grade grandsons give this book two thumbs up, and so do I."

Marti Erickson, Ph.D. - Director Emerita, Irving Harris Training Programs, 

University of Minnesota     

Owner & Co-host, Mom Enough®




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