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Danny Kravitz is a screenwriter, historical fiction, and non-fiction author who infuses the stories he tells with his deep passion for events of the past.


Danny, with Chris Charles and Rob Lorenz, wrote the screenplay for the #1 box office hit The Marksman, starring Liam Neeson. 














A professor of story-telling and screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago for more than a decade, as well as an Emmy winning writer who has worked in film, TV and print, Danny’s unique experience as both a story-teller and an impassioned educator combine to facilitate a wonderful connection to his audiences. Danny likes to write uplifting stories. Most of his characters succeed, his favorites in ways they never imagined.


Danny is also an accomplished composer/recording artist/producer and owner of the famous, "Red Guitar," built, burned, and restored by famed Wisconsin luthier Gordy Bischoff.

In addition to Danny’s creative work, he is a lifelong nature and sports enthusiast. His favorite hobbies include windsurfing and taking long hikes with a camera…to capture photos of sand pipers, squirrels and baby bunnies.


Danny has lived in the midwest his entire life and currently calls Chicago home.

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