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Danny Kravitz is an author, screenwriter, composer, musician, and educator. His 2021 film The Marksman, starring Liam Neeson, reached #1 at the box office. The novelization publishes in August 2023. A professor of story-telling and screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago for more than a decade, as well as an Emmy winning writer who has worked in film, TV, and print, Danny’s unique experience as both a story-teller and an impassioned educator combines to facilitate a wonderful connection to his audiences.


Danny is the author of six children's history and historical fiction books and loves to weave historical elements into uplifting stories, with characters who succeed in ways they never imagined. His past books have been described by critics as “inspiring, enlightening, [and] wonderful.” In addition to his passion for writing, Danny was a Big Ten champion fencer, and currently produces and records music. Danny has lived in the Midwest his entire life and currently calls Chicago home. Find Danny on TikTok @dannywritesthings. 

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