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Some comments from Amazon customers and fans of Danny Kravitz.




New! Tony Luczak reviewed Tommy McKnight and the Great Election (Presidential Politics)

 Excellent read December 6, 2016

My son and wife truly loved the book. They've requested a sequel!!


Amazon Customer reviewed Tommy McKnight and the Great Election (Presidential Politics)

 Inspiring, Uplifting, Enlightening, Wonderful. June 10, 2016

For the kids who have ever felt different, alone, sad, or scared, Tommy McKnight and the Great Election serves as the perfect reminder that being different is ok, that no one is alone, that things won’t always be sad, and that being scared is ok. It is a touching, uplifting, inspiring, fun, and often-times funny coming-of-age story that lets the readers know that they can do anything they set their minds to despite any obstacles that get in their way.


Tommy McKnight is twelve years old, and he has polio. Between the crutches he needs to walk, the inability to do the things he loves (like running around and playing stickball), and the daily bullying he faces, Tommy McKnight isn’t feeling so hopeful. But when he learns Presidential Candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt also has polio, the hope returns--if someone with polio can run for president, maybe having polio isn’t so bad. Maybe he doesn’t have to feel different. Maybe he isn’t alone. And maybe he won’t always be sad and scared. Tommy’s discovery inspires him to run for student office at his school. But it won’t always be smooth sailing--throughout his campaign, Tommy must learn how to overcome obstacles and the feeling of helplessness.


Tommy McKnight and the Great Election is filled with important lessons, heartfelt moments, exciting historical facts, and good old-fashioned fun. Often, children’s novels shy away from discussions about serious topics, but what is wonderful about this book is that it doesn’t shy away from those discussions. It can start an important dialogue between parents and their kids about sadness and fear that many other children’s books do not. It avoids sugarcoating and treats the readers like adults, not like kids, and for that, the readers will love it. By the end of the read, they will embrace the things that make them different, they will be hopeful and inspired, and they will truly believe that they can do anything. And they can.


K. M. Martin reviewed Tommy McKnight and the Great Election (Presidential Politics)

 Great Character and Interesting Time Period March 7, 2016

This middle grade story takes place in 1932. FDR is running for president and becomes a role model for Tommy McKnight. Tommy's life changed greatly when he contracted polio. He walks with leg braces and using crutches for balance. He is dealing with his changed life and also dealing with Wally, the local bully, who calls him "polio legs." After learning that FDR also had polio, Tommy decides that he can fulfill his dream and run for student government.


We get to see what life was like in New York City in 1932. His best friends are immigrants. His physical therapist is from Haiti. The girl he is crushing on is a big fan of FDR. We see him standing in breadlines with his mother. We learn that his father has lost his job as a bookkeeper. We learn about the hope that FDR brought to the people.


This was a quick read but filled with interesting characters and about an interesting time period.


Tonyalee reviewed Tommy McKnight and the Great Election (Presidential Politics)

 Fun & Educational February 26, 2016

I read this with my 12 year old - both of us consuming within in about an hour.


I loved this story. Thomas is a boy diagnosed with Polio. He is still learning to cope with it - and the bullies at school. When he learns that FDR, whom is running for president has polio too, he decides to run for his school class president.


This was just adorable. I love how it ties history into Thomas' story. He is brave & strong, and I like how he slowly start to come to grips with his diagnosis. He is also navigating his first crush, too!


It's a cute & fun read - with history, bravery and self acceptance.


Debra reviewed Surviving the Journey: The Story of the Oregon Trail (Adventures on the American Fronti...

 Oregon Trail March 9, 2015

Lots of good information in a easy to read format. Students really enjoyed the book.


mom of two reviewed The Untold Story of Henry Knox: The Man Who Saved Boston (What You Didn't Know About the...

2 of 2 people found the following helpful

This was an excellent book for my 5th grader who had to learn about this man and write a report. it was well written and actually interesting--so important to engage this age group. was really impressed with it and the information in it, including exciting details that you wouldn't find in a regular history or wiki site.

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