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One on One Coaching

Danny is available for one on one coaching for writers, authors, and screenwriters


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Welcome video from Danny Kravitz 

Do you want to learn what is REALLY REQUIRED to be a successful professional screenwriter?

This a rare chance to learn screenwriting from a leading academic who is also a successful Hollywood screenwriter.

Danny Kravitz is the writer of the 2021 #1 box office hit, The Marksman, starring Liam Neeson

and a longtime Professor of Film and Screenwriting

at the world famous Columbia College Chicago film school.


"Danny is rated as the top professor at CCC for very good reason. He is one of the most open-minded people I have ever encountered and he utilizes that to help you write an objectively good screenplay. Danny knows storytelling and scriptwriting to such an extent that his talent and love for film are basically contagious. Watch his 2021 movie too."


"...One of the best professors I've come across at Columbia. You can feel so inadequate in ur screenwriting skills, & Danny will find a way to complement and recognize your work, while still giving u valuable & real industry level feedback. Even if you aren't that interested in screenwriting, take his class. You will learn so much."


"Danny Kravitz is the gold standard for screenwriting teachers."


Do you want to know how it really works? How scripts really get sold? Do you want to learn what is actually required to be a successful professional writer? Do you want to know how professional writers go on to achieve success? And do you want to learn from someone who has succeeded at the very highest levels?

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Screenwriting Pro Series with Danny Kravitz

The Screenwriter's Toolbox

1. This workshop is a 1-day, 3-hour introduction into screenwriting that will cover what kinds of screenplays get made into feature films and why, as well as how to approach your writing to maximize your chances of writing scripts that can be produced. Topics covered will also include: where ideas come from, how to develop your ideas into stories that work as films, what types of stories there are, how and why professional writers succeed, the ins and outs of the writing process, and how to keep moving forward. Mostly lecture and a bit of in-class workshopping and a Q&A with Danny Kravitz. Thursday, July 15th. Workshop starts at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT. Fee is $99.


The Screenwriter's Discipline

2. This workshop is a 2-day, 7 total hour workshop. The first segment takes place over 3.5 hours of lecture and some interactive workshopping. The second meeting is 3.5 hours and takes place one week later with lecturing and some interactive workshopping. This is an in-depth lecture and workshop which builds on the topics from the first workshop. It will also include a segment on how to successfully structure a story for film from the beginning to the end. This workshop will also ask you to write and workshop 2 ideas that you can revise during the week between the two live workshops, as well as write scenes.  This workshop will end with strategies on how to sell your scripts and navigate Hollywood or Independent film, as well as a Q&A with Danny Kravitz. Thursdays, July 22nd & 29th. Workshops start at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT. Fee is $299.

3. A future third workshop will explore the topics which naturally follow and will further explore scene writing and transforming a story more expertly into a working script.  

*Please Note: Pro Series workshops will be taught live via virtual platform.


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