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Tommy McKnight and the Great Election

10-year-old Tommy McKnight is stricken with polio.  As much as he'd like to be playing stickball with the other kids in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, he watches them from his bedroom window.  And Tommy's gotta wear braces on his legs and walk with crutches. On top of that, bullies now pick on him. But Tommy is about to learn that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the presidential candidate Americans hope will lead the county out of the Great Depression, also has polio and walks with braces on HIS legs. Soon Tommy will be a presidential candidate too. And with a little help from some amazing friends, he may just pull out the most important and surprising victories of them all.

Surviving the Journey
The Story of the Oregon Trail


Imagine leaving your home and moving across the country to a new life on America's western frontier. Thats exactly what thousands of people did in the mid 1800s when they traveled along the Oregon Trail, chasing their dreams of a better life out West. Lively language, historical illustrations, and primary source journal entries from settlers help readers feel as if they were a part of the journey. Meets Common Core critical thinking standards, and provides strong ties to social studies standards on westward expansion.

Washington's Surprise Attack


The Untold Story of Washington's Surprise Attack: The Daring Crossing of the Delaware River (What You Didn't Know About the American Revolution)


General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River lives on in a famous painting, but the unforgettable true story of that night is unfamiliar to many people. Washington's daring act was not only an amazing feat, but it boosted sagging morale, shocked the British, and convinced potential allies such as France that the Americans could possibly win a war nearly all thought was lost .

Henry Knox - The Man Who Saved Boston

ISBN  - 9780756549725

The Untold Story of Henry Knox: The Man Who Saved Boston (What You Didn't Know About the American Revolution).


When supplies were running low, and defeat of George Washington's new army by the British was seeming inevitable, Knox led a group of men over land and water, through treacherous weather conditions to retrieve weapons and ammunition for the Colonial Army. It was a feat so difficult and so amazing it is still considered one of the great engineering marvels of American military history.  Knox's brave actions brought about a much-needed victory for the Patriots and saved the city of Boston from destruction. In doing so, Knox played a sure role in saving the American cause. Henry Knox's mission to save Boston from the British makes an unforgettable story, one as impressive as it is  unfamiliar.

In The Shadow of Lady Liberty
Immigrant Stories from Ellis Island

ISBN - 1491441275

Immigrants gazed upon the towering Statue of Liberty and entered the gates of Ellis Island as they ended their journeys to America. Now their journey in America would begin.  Meet the immigrants who were processed at Ellis Island, and hear their stories through their own words.

Journey to America
A Chronology of Immigration in the 1900s

ISBN - 9781491441268

Millions of people made the long journey to America in the early 1900s. They looked for freedom, safety, and the promise of a new life. Follow the waves of immigrants that flooded into the United States to see why they came and how they changed the country.

(Meets Common Core standards for analyzing chronology text structures.)

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