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Children’s Author and Educator


As a veteran educator and author of six historical children’s books, Danny Kravitz is an engaging and informed speaker for classrooms.


Available presentations include:


Write Your Own Book!

This presentation will guide students in creating their own historical fiction story. Using actual periods or events in history as jumping off points, Danny will encourage students to move from facts into fiction.


Adversity and Diversity

This presentation uses the fun of story as the starting point to help kids explore and navigate diversity and adversity that they experience in the real world with a thoughtful, positive and encouraging outlook. 


You ARE Creative. So CREATE.

As not only an author, but a successful screenwriter, songwriter, and someone who daily teaches how to be creative, Danny will inspire students to tap into their deep well of creativity and help them see how easy and how rewarding it can be to CREATE works of their own. Can include performances as well.


The Ingredients for a Successful Story

From character, to place, to plot, Danny will illustrate the components for a successful story. As a group, Danny will lead the students to create their own successful story in class.


Path to Publication

Danny will share his journey to becoming a published author, from writing the story, to getting an agent, to selling the book. Will include a Q&A.








For booking or information on fees and availability, including Skype visits, please contact Danny’s publicist:


Dana Kaye,


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